having done that thing where i listen to a song i love so many times till i hate it so many times, whenever i find a good song now i'm like "OK... you can listen to it ONCE... if you're good"

i'm a morning person AND a night owl. and i can't cope with all the time inbetween that i never know what to do with myself.

i hate private property. so many perfectly nice fields to just vibe in ruined.

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Asking for donations to afford groceries including cat food, please boost 

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to ask that but I'd desperately need help with groceries.

I'll only receive my disability benefits next week, but my fiancee and I need to afford food, for our two cats as well because they won't have enough until then.

We're grateful for any donation or boost. Thank you if you can and are willing to help us. 🙏🏻


#MutualAid @mutualaid

i would just like to have a rat or perhaps a mouse

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i shouldn't really be saying this but... us short guys actually have our own code that is beyond outsiders comprehension

the thing that annoys me about most jewellery/other accessories is that they are so delicate and flimsy most of the time. i want stuff that looks sturdy and like it's built to last.

i've had at least 2 adults say "vicious circle" instead of "vicious cycle" to me recently

tone indicators seem like a good idea in theory but in reality i keep forgetting what they mean

send me music recs. i'm trying to listen to new things. c:

sparkling water has so many haters online. meanwhile i have been obsessed with it for years

i've improved my self-esteem simply by calling myself "broseph" in my self-talk

wish i had someone to go to pride with me u.u

thinkin about this terrible bus stop near my town that's on the road itself
like who's gonna use that?

do ya ever really wanna like a song just cus you like the album cover

i had too much of a dose of real life today. tomorrow i just wanna zone out and draw

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