accessing healthcare as a trans person like

venting about why i made this meme 

gender service people gave me very clear instructions to tell the GP about T shots and how they would teach me how to do it myself and they were like "we can't teach you because we aren't insured for that" ????

millions of trans masc people and trans guys giving themselves t injections around the world and this is the first time i'm hearing about this. it's just bullshit.

ah well, it would have been handy if my local health service would do their job. it just means more road trips across the county to access healthcare.

re: venting about why i made this meme 

@sirheadpats they wouldn't react like this if it was B12 injections and it's basically the same technique afaik

re: venting about why i made this meme 

@meave yea, it did just seem like an excuse, cus my GP spent a good 5 minutes just expressing how confused he was about the whole situation. it's clear they've never had to a trans patient before.

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