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Red fruits

My wife and daughter do a little weekly competition who makes the nicest photo with their phone. The last subject was "Red". I'm not allowed to participate, but they can't stop me from giving it a go anyhow ;-) So this is my go at the subject!

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I went to find THIS. it's a standing stone on soaked uplands high above the valley below. its inscribed with ogham, an archaic writing system from the early medieval period. takes an eye better than mine to see it properly but you can feel the deep lines carved into it

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#SONY A7m3
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

COMMLITEのFマウント→EマウントアダプタでNIKKOR 50mmをA7m3につけてみた。めっちゃ動物瞳AF使えるやん。

did you know that when french fur trappers first got to canada they were like "man the natives here must be stupid or something, why dont you ride the moose like horses, god do we have to do everything around here" and the indigenous folks were just kinda like "yeah yknow what. great idea. you should go and try that, actually. tell us how it goes."

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As far as can be deduced from their behaviour, a cat's chosen pronouns are the royal we.

@porsupah @tsturm This bathroom is a 1992 CGI tech demo made real and I'm terrified.

Got an accidental email for somebody with the same name that contained their physical address.

So of course I google them and I found a cluster of several namesakes with jobs like airline pilots, architects and private detectives, all in that same area.

I wonder if they sometimes meet.

Hello hooman. Would you like help cleaning this coffee cup? ☕️


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