SpaceX - Lift, Load and Go - GPS III

It shows how complex it is to manipulate an object of that size that's designed to be as light as possible (and thus can only be grabbed in some specific places where the structure is sturdy enough).


When a decorated veteran astronaut is criticizing the president, you know things are FUBAR
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I’ve said this before, but it seems it needs to be repeated: One of the things I learned in my twenty years at NASA was that everything we did was not rocket science, but when it was, I consulted a rocket scientist.

Not a game show host.

Head of IT at the largest student loan organization.

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You have 24 hours to be a professional in any field.
What you choosing and why?


It's absolutely stunning how beautiful Arizona is. It still blows my mind even after a year living here.

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Yesterday evening. No filter. No editing. Still frame from slo-mo iPhone video.


IT team: "Big oof. Looks like something came up over the weekend"


US pol covid 

(Re)Making a ColecoVision

[Leaded Solder] found some ColecoVision game cartridges at a flea market, and like most of us would, thought, “I’ll build a ColecoVision console from scratch to play them!” Well, maybe most of us would think of that, but not ac…

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Legally, after the fifth consecutive time your car alarm goes off, I'm allowed to steal your car.

Some uncollected Terry Pratchett stories are being collected. (Link includes a very tiny one.)

The universe is such a more bearable place for having had him in it.

Accidentally stumbled into the Bamum character set from western Cameroon about a century ago. It's glorious!

Next, I crossed over the Yamanote line at Ōtsuka Station (大塚駅).

The Tokyo Skytree is clearly visible in the distance (8km away).

#tokyo #cycling

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The Yamanote-sen (山手線) is a loop line. Technically, it's still part of the regular Japan Railway network, but it's one of Tokyo's busiest metro lines.

For some reasons, it's written 山手 (yama-te = mountain hand) and not 山の手 (yama-no-te).

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this calvin and hobbes strip is infamous among some for foreshadowing the later creation of vaporwave, but i wanna highlight those first two panels there. i loved calvin and hobbes as a kid; reading and rereading every strip in the series. and this one was probably my first time reading the word “capitalist” in a negative light

Ich hatte mir einen netten Platz an der Nidda gesucht und dort mein Stativ mit Handy aufgebaut und es mir in einem Faltstuhl gemütlich gemacht. Hier ein Bild vom Platz, den Sternen über und vor mir und dem Ziel der Reise, dem Kometen #Neowise C/2020 F3

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