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Be humble. Be teachable. The universe is bigger than your view of the universe. There's always room for a new idea. Humility is necessary for growth. 🧠

This is such a beautiful song, but the duo has a near un-googleable name A_o with "Blue Souls": youtube.com/watch?v=33ZWA1GrrX

I stumbled over the song in this amazing Pocari Sweat advertisement: youtube.com/watch?v=lcZo5sVK6Q - it's worth watching the Making Of video - they actually built the set for this clip in real life!

If anybody ever asks you what Japan is like, this story is all you need to send them: spoon-tamago.com/2021/07/22/fu

aliens built Big Ben. the English could never have done it on their own

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Just caught an incredible occultation on Saturn tonight. Once in a lifetime experience. ☕️🐜!!!!!! 🤭

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Daily link: the great dimming of Betelgeuse 

Betelgeuse' dimming last year seems to have been due to an eruption of dust from its southern hemisphere


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"Looking for a book that tells me where to find this book"

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From my travel diary in 1991:

...in a bus driving across rural Henan, not far from the Yellow River.

There had been major floods in the area and reports of receding waters had been premature. All around the bus as far as the eye could see there was only muddy water with the odd tree or farm house sticking out. Heavy dark clouds were hiding the sun, promising more rain, grey sky over grey water.

The road was a slightly elevated dam that at best was barely above the water and often was actually completely flooded. The driver took it slow as the tires only kept tenuous contact with the flooded tarmac. It was easy to imagine that I was on a boat as we floated across the flooded, desolate landscape like in a feverish dream.

We passed a sunken truck that had gone off the road over night, the two drivers sitting on their cabin roof. A village on a slight hump appeared as a small island, with locals standing in front of their houses, listlessly gazing at the watery landscape...

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The heavy flooding this week in Henan province reminded me of a trip I took through that province in August of 1991 - the Yellow River had flooded the plains between Zhengzhou and Luoyang and I crossed the area on a long distance bus.

I remember the strange atmosphere of being on a bus surrounded by water in all directions. Passengers getting off at little islands where a bridge raised its arch out of the muddy water. Farm houses sticking out of the water here and there with families watching our bus pass, our tires making little bow waves.

It was hot and humid and it kept on raining from hour to hour.

It's a landscape held hostage by water.

The #MarsHelicopter’s success today marks its 1-mile total distance flown. It targeted an area called "Raised Ridges." This is the most complex flight yet w/ 10 distinct waypoints and a record height of 40 ft (12 m). Its scouting is aiding @NASAPersevere. go.nasa.gov/3dci8jE

Am I building keyboard stuff or living the prologue to a Resident Evil game?

It's saturday night and the mods are asleep, time to post photos of classic supercomputer boards.

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