@readsteven If I send them simply a picture of a backhoe, do you think I’m in the running? breaktheicechallenge.com

The two large galaxies in this image are M60 (left) and M59 (right). If you look closely you should be able to find a total of 13 galaxies in the image.

Becoming a stock photo model must lead to some degree of existential dread

Here you are, casually browsing the internet, and bam! Your face on a parked domain, selling "supplements" to cure things you don't have. Or a house you don't own, lessons to things you're not learning

Two Rainbow Lorikeets have discovered the feeder, and while I was shooting them from the end of the veranda, this female King Parrot landed nearby (too close to shoot), so I stepped back a couple of steps to focus, and she followed me. So I told her there was seed around the front, walked a few paces towards the front, waited, she followed, did that a few times leading her to the seed.

They're not silly, that's for sure.

#bird #nature #photo #RainbowLorikeet #KingParrot #AustralianWildlife

With any luck, my next reincarnation will be as a quaking aspen. Then there's a chance I might be able to become my own forest. Because honestly, goals.

Spaceship (the moon rocket from Tintin’s Destination Moon book) suggested by @error_1202

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The turkey accepting the president's pardon means that it accepts full guilt for its federal crimes

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