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"Your time would be better spent reading a book."

This was indented as a scathing review of a movie, but all I can think is, Yeah, my time is always better spent reading a book.

Where would one buy one of those "I'm a rich divorcée who absolutely definitely did not kill her last husband" robes?

A moth living in your fridge and your husband is like "that's not my moth."

the French numbering system is a bit they are doing

for the lulz

re: Earthquake 

It's also interesting to feel the P and S waves separately. The P-wave's always brief, but a good indicator of how strong the earthquake's gonna be. A solid JOLT, paaaaaaause, then WOBBLEWOBBLEWOBBLE

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Man, it's nuts to me how geologically active Anchorage is compared to Oregon. I thought they'd be roughly the same since it's all part of the Ring of Fire, but no.

Just had a 5.3 a few miles away while I was in the shower.

Pre-web internet memory 

As I was waking up today I somehow remembered a time when I had downloaded some gifs but couldn't find any gif viewing software.

However I was able to find gif file specification, so I wrote a viewer from scratch.

Want to know all about the pyrotechnic devices on the latest Mars rovers?

22 pages with pictures, cutaways, timelines and all kinds of nerdy things powered by explosives., most during entry, descent, and landing on Mars.

How many independent living organisms are within 1 meter of you right now? Think microscopic.

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