Picked up dinner at a local pizza place. The last few times it was on tables in front of the otherwise closed restaurant and lots of space between pickup order customers.

Today, they had outdoor seating and it was packed with people. The grownups had their masks off to eat, and several kids were running around in between the tables with no masks on. For the pickup order I had to go through that to get my food inside of the main restaurant where the wait staff clusters.

We are so fucked.


This as we see the highest numbers of infections in the US since the beginning of the pandemic.

The people in this country are so fucking undisciplined and spoiled. This is incredibly frustrating.

@tsturm Its a bad situation in the UK as well. People mostly obeyed during the lockdown but are now acting like its all over. Not everyone, some people are still being careful, but enough people are being reckless to endanger everyone else.

@InternetKevin People don't listen generally to anything. I also blame the media - None of the media outlets here seems to be able to educate people about even the most basic scientific facts. Everything is being two-sided to death, which is just incredibly lazy journalism.

@tsturm The primary interest of the media is to generate income. Any education they provide is secondary or even incidental. The UK papers don't even two-side, they just shout about how we are opening up and everyone can get out and about again, go on holiday etc.

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