How often do you talk to a voice assistant (like Siri or Alexa) on an average day?

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@balglaas That's what I'm wondering. I sometimes use Siri just to see if it actually works, but I never use it in common scenarios to actually complete a task.

@tsturm I've turned them off, or they let me think that I did that.

@tsturm Disable voice assistant is part of new phone setup for me!

@tsturm sometimes! I use Siri to set a timer for my tea, for example

@Thomas That might be the most used feature - and pretty much the only time I've ever used Siri - setting a timer while my hands are covered in bread dough. :)

@tsturm Legit, it's "my hands are full" or like, a reminder. Something I don't feel like opening an app for.

@tsturm @Thomas This. I've also used it to set appointments and reminders while I'm busy working on other things for my boss, and switching windows would break flow.

@Mummabear I only asked about voice assistants in general. Not sure if Apple or Android users would have a higher preference for using voice assistants.

@tsturm I answered never. I've tried Siri a few times but it doesn't support my language, and doesn't like my English accent.

@alva For a long time Siri had a hard time with my German accent, but lately it got much better. Apple must have improved something about the voice recognition.

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