This quiz guesses my native language may be (in this order): English, Swedish, Dutch, none of which is correct (Russian). This tells me my grammar is pretty much correct by now, and only pronunciation gives me away :-)

@isagalaev My English dialect is US Black Vernacular/Ebonics and I am a native German speaker. This quiz couldn't be more spot on 😊
Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

@Bella I was actually not surprised it couldn't detect my Russian origins. Pretty much nobody can when talking to me in person… except other Russian speakers :-) Americans usually guess me as German for some reason, but I realize it's probably Hollywood-induced accent stereotypes more than anything else.


@isagalaev @Bella It’s funny. My German accent is frequently identified as Russian or French here in the US. 😃

@tsturm @isagalaev @Bella

Funny, I'm German and the most time that I had spent in English speaking countries was in Malta and the UK, a few weeks at a time.

The guess for me was:
1. US Black Vernacular / Ebonics
2. American (Standard)
3. Canadian

1. Norwegian
2. English
3. Dutch

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