Anyone familiar with a community or fuck it even some AI shit that is good at deciphering handwriting?

I can read everything except the year. 1907?

@grumpy "Exposure apt(?) 64 10 Ave

East side 2 store



@grumpy In 1940 (ok, 35 years later), 64 10th Ave was a giant warehouse of the National Biscuit Company - assuming we are talking New York here.

There are no small stores on that block. 564 10th Ave on the other hand is between 41st and 42nd street and it's all small stores.

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@grumpy Looking through 10th Ave in 1940, 364 and 254 would also be small stores, but I can't make that scrawl on the paper a 2 or 3. Looks like a 5.

@grumpy On the 1940s NY Streetview site I can actually find photos on that block for 558-562 and for 568. There is a truck parked in front of 564-566. The other possible blocks have no good photo coverage on that site.

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