This is so beautiful. [holds up a fistful of money] Take my money!

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@tsturm … But it doesn't actually type. It'd probably need metal rods and heads for that, but they're *so* close, and fell short.

@mdhughes I'm sure you could build a working typewriter out of Lego - and this kit might be a good starting point - but it would probably have to be much bigger for the Lego sprockets to fit in.

@tsturm It looks like it has 1 head per key, at least uppercase. But whacking plastic rods against paper hard enough to leave ink would be destructive.

I kinda want to see how it works inside to recreate that.


Maybe an option is to translate key presses on the keyboard into text input on a connected tablet device?


@sohkamyung @tsturm Yeah, maybe the current Mindstorms can be a BT keyboard, or at least talk to something that can?

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