Space Jam 2 be like "hey remember superman? remember harry potter? remember game of thrones? remember the mask? remember the wizard of oz? remember the first space jam movie?" that's the whole movie just "hey, remember other movies?"

and somehow its two hours long

@Taweret I still don’t understand who the audience was for some of those callbacks. Is there a 7 year old out there that goes crazy for mentions for all of Casablanca, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Rick and Morty in a few minutes time? (And if so is there a way to lock them up as a juvenile delinquent *before* they do anything stupid?)

@max i think some of the references were supposed to be "for the parents" but the only thing parents are going to enjoy here is the moment the movie finally ends

@Taweret @max

Adults get hung up on this, but I don't think little kids mind references that go over their head. They're used to it.

Think how many times Sesame Street parodied a film the audience hadn't seen.

They did "The Seventh Seal" twice!

@Taweret @max Pretty sure Jim Henson didn't show up to work one day and say "Hey guys, you know what kids are into these days? Tedious Swedish films about the black death! We've got to find a way to work that into our show!"

@tsturm @apLundell @max sure but they made the effort to make sure that their skits worked even if you didn't get the reference. movies like SJ2 just throw references at you and that's literally it. you're supposed to laugh simply because a GoT character is standing there

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