Whoa - retro computing alert! Several members of the original Commodore team, including Leonard Tramiel started blogging about the early Commodore history: vintagecomputerstories.blogspo

If you hit "more posts" a few times, it goes back to December of last year. I can't see any information about this blog, but they are updating pretty frequently. And the posts are cool late 70s homecomputing lore!

@tsturm There was an interview with him on the Floppy Days podcast a few months ago. It's worth listening to.

@loke Oh cool! Thanks for the tip. Never heard of that podcast but it sounds like it might be in the realm of my interests. 😆​

@tsturm If that's the case, you should probably subscribe to This Week in Retro as well as ANTIC. The former is hosted by the RMC guy.

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