Now I will not make fun of whatever cultural differences I will encounter while abroad, but I think it's fair to point out that it is 2022 and our new broadband provider - like, the company that will connect us to the Internet - only accepts applications via FAX.

Sure. You do you.

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@tsturm what are you supposed to do? email it? without any internet yet??? :p

@tsturm it IS preposterous to have to fax something in this day and age tho

@carithlee Japan has clung to FAX machines much longer than other places, but it looks like the country is slowly approaching the end of "a FAX in every house".

@tsturm If they get it running on time with no hitches, they are already a leg up on Xfinity

@zalasur Oh, I very much expect it to work instantly. All services here in Japan are impeccable in execution.

This one just threw me off by being literally FAX-only. Everything else can be done online or at worst with a few phone calls.

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