With our evening fog overhead and yesterday’s fog stuck beyond the Oakland Hills across the bay, the Belt of Venus is rising in pink hues as the sun sets out over the Pacific.

Every evening during summer this panorama unfolds, never the same and always equally dramatic.

Apple Maps uses cameras for their street view that do a really good job with cloudscapes.

From an AI-generated alternate universe. The new Dynamic Duo!

Yeah, sure. Of course. Why should a website run 24 hours per day?

Governments have the stupidest web sites.

Wait. Since when is the toot size limit 56709 characters on this server?

When you’ve traveled 100 million kilometers only to realize that you brought the shovel, but you forgot to bring a brush.

It's always great when neat things happen in Blender while I'm trying to do a totally different thing.

Working with geometry nodes in Blender brings back a lot of the same feeling as working with POV-Ray back in the 90s. You just describe geometry and textures in a very abstract way and then the renderer goes off and calculates the result.

Spofford in the Rain

Taken with a Kodak Duo Six-20 from the late 1930s.

Encounter at Night.

Shot with a Kodak Monitor Six-20 from the early 1940s.

Sutter Street in San Francisco. Taken with a Kodak Vigilant Six-20 from 1940.

China politics, 1989 

It’s been 33 years since the protests in China.

It feels incredible that it is so long ago as the memories are still fresh in my mind. While time slowly grinds down everything, I won’t forget Tian An Men and all the young protesters for as long as I am alive.

"Darth Vader eats Spaghetti"

You are welcome. Good night.

The first fire of the season in the Bay Area started today in Napa. Some of the smoke seems to have circled down past Oakland and is now drifting over the East Bay hills.

Let’s hope the fire crews will be able to slow this fire as it is close to the towns of Yountville and Napa.

Yungang Hotel in Datong, China, 1998


Hey Hollywood. This script writes itself. Let's do this!

"the maltese falcon detective cat"

@readsteven Also, while in the city yesterday I found this. Do you think the chef is called Fritz? 😊

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