This one opened up yesterday and really enjoyed its place in the sun today.

Yesterday’s sunrise was obscured by clouds, but very pretty!

Yes. Here is the secret truth about us side sleepers: We have a skeleton inside of us.

California: We are taking this pandemic serious. Like, seriously.

Early dawn light as I’m waiting for the oven to heat up for a morning bake.

We made a very spring-like focaccia today. I made the bread and my wife decorated it with fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market before it went into the oven.

Looked great and tasted even better. 😋

A fresh batch of raisin buns just came out of the oven. They smell so goooood!

Springtime in San Francisco. Here are some ecstatic bees and bumblebees at Fort Mason.

Good Morning!

Up early today to bake some bread and admire the early dawn light.

Here's a more artsy one: "volcanoes and snow" - an AI dream by the CLIP+FFT algorithm. cc @janellecshane

For the first time in a year we went on a short road trip, all socially distanced and everything. The numbers in California have been improving enough that it didn’t feel outrageously stupid...

We went to one of our favorite places - Mount Shasta in far Northern California. The weather was great and Shasta was all dressed up in a coat of winter snow.

Getting this bread recipe to a very consistent quality. It feels good to know that I can make a loaf of bread that I can rely on.

And the bread came out of the oven at sunrise. Smells so good!

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