@readsteven I find these kinds of comparisons useful to at least get a distant grasp on the size of Starship.

"Hey Bob, when should we put the rocket together? Let's wait for sunset."

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@readsteven No matter what they do, it all involves giant machines doing crazy things. The SpaceX Boca Chica cameras are one of the most entertaining things on the web right now.

Today: A giant big-rocket-lifting crane taking a ride on heavy-lift moving platforms.

This is fascinating. A month ago I created an Instagram account for work to test something for a client and only followed one landscape photographer. Didn't upload anything. Used that account exactly once.

Today I discover that 4 different devices have been logging into that Instagram account from Russia and Turkey.

Somehow I get the feeling that Instagram has a giant security hole.

Today's APOD is a stunning and beautiful still life of incredibly violent events at a grand scale.

This is apparently up to date with the possible exception of some bits and pieces marked SN14. They will need a dedicated spacecraft parking lot. :)

It's autumn and the leaves are turning.

[photo from today's launch to the ISS]

@readsteven From what I can tell it takes a crew of 5 and a lift platform to install a Raptor engine within an 8 hour day in the field.

I had taken Monday off and we hiked out to Tennessee Beach under glorious sunshine for a little picknick out on the beach.

Made a new corvid friend, although he seemed to be more interested in my sandwich than me. 😆

It was a beautiful Sunday morning today down along San Francisco Bay.

@readsteven As it turns out, they will install the Raptors at the launch site, so the engines are going to be field-installed.

Here's a truck with probably the most horsepower ever in a production 4x4 pickup:

@readsteven Speaking of building more prototypes... First confirmed sighting of a part for SN14!

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