So 200 years ago this British gentleman employed a large group of otherwise destitute war veterans by having them dig tunnels. Lots of tunnels.

The "Dinosaur Mummy" - Borealopelta remains discovered with the protective armor, skin, and partial stomach intact. It's been so well preserved that scientists deemed it closer to a mummy than a fossil.

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@readsteven The Vulcan reuse concept is called SMART - 'Sensible Modular Autonomous Return Technology'.

"Sensible" - LOL

@readsteven There might be piercing questions in store for all involved whenever Congress will find some time to investigate this specific money hole.

@readsteven Yeah, I'm getting a feeling that a new ULA rocket will not fly this decade.

@readsteven Well both ULA and Blue Origin can watch the SpaceX live stream with Starship any time they need some inspiration.

If Starship+Superheavy can get 100 tons to orbit on a regular basis, I don't see how ULA can survive.

@readsteven From the beginning that deal bothered me. ULA is at this point under serious pressure to come up with something since SpaceX is raiding their client base and they have apparently no way to develop their own new engine?

If(!) Blue Origin gets New Glenn off the ground, they would essentially become a competitor for ULA's new rocket. None of that makes any sense to me.

Some pictures from the (many) parks in Luxembourg, trees with lemon yellow leaves are amazing 🍂💛
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If you're interested in how I make every Topic Lords guest sound like a genius with an extremely dry mouth, this is my editing process:

1. In Audition, noise reduction, EQ, light compression on each speaker's channel.
2. In Vegas, an editing pass where I *just* fix the parts where people are talking over each other and other places noises happen in one channel while someone is talking in another. I bet Audition can do clipwise multichannel editing too, but I know Vegas.

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@mogwai_poet This is interesting! I've edited sound a very long time ago for multimedia stuff and it's always surprising how much time the "simple" tasks take.

Not surprised that a multi-pass solution is better for sanity reasons. :)

@readsteven I just can't see them roll a finished rocket out of their building any time soon.

They have exactly zero experience with orbital launches, and the later in the process they start learning things, the harder & more expensive the lessons will be.

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