How to identify white supremacists:

Step 1: condemn white supremacy in unequivocal terms.

Step 2: wait for white people to get offended.

Step 3: you have found the white supremacists.

@benjancewicz I'm trying to figure out how one would get into that bathtub. Is there are door in the mirrored back?

@th Nice! Good job bundling all those cables. :)

i did my stretches! abra couldn’t stop watching the video i was following and then looking at me

@readsteven Good question. The serial numbers for the engines we see are in the high 40s, so there seem to be enough of them. I’m sure the first booster solo flight will be 3 engines, just to get some landing experience.

@Taweret He really needs his snack now. For your own safety.

@readsteven The first components for BN2 have been spotted. BN... 2!

🐦This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck🐦 

RT @GaryMeatballs
This truck has a jellyfish launcher

@matt Excessive logging? Never thought of that, but that could take down the whole system...

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