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pol twitter ban 

It's interesting who comes out of the woodwork to complain about social networks finally kicking fascists off their sites. That's exactly the mindset that got us to where we are.

You *always* kick Nazis off your site. Theirs is not just "another opinion". That's like saying that cancer cells have a right to exist since they just express their freedom differently.

Learning how to sculpt in blender is like learning how to paint in the cockpit of a nuclear submarine

The project includes an "UltraWide 8.8″ LCD Terminal" built around a skinny 4:1 LCD and powered by an OpenGL-capable Nvidia Jetson Nano. It is so wide it didn't fit in Mesià's 3D printer bed, so it had to be assembled from multiple pieces.


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Butter sticks are differently shaped and packaged differently depending on whether you live east or west of the Rocky Mountains.

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It’s been five days and we’ve had no statement from the President about a terrorist attack on the Congress, other than telling the terrorists that he loves them.

ALL Parler's user data (including photos of verified state id cards) has been retrieved by hackers and is being posted online.

70TB of @[email protected] users’ data leaked by security researchers

From unsent posts, to private messages, to photos and videos, to GPS coordinates, to the driver’s licenses to used to verify their accounts

Xenophanes, who died ca. 490 B.C.E., found fish fossils and concluded that the land where they were found must have been underwater at some time. He was the first person known to have used fossils as evidence for a theory of the history of the Earth.

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the thought "coffee is tea" entered my head unbidden and i had to make the whole alignment chart in order to banish it

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Solar panels on canals in India. Doesn’t take extra land, prevents evaporative loss and keeps the solar panels cool. @reddit

There's mounting evidence that some asteroids have the density of whipped cream. You could swim in Rosetta's target, 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

i'm just gonna go ahead and say what everyone's been thinking, ok?

the emu is a disaster of an animal, and we'd all be better off if this monstrosity were eradicated

@jackdaw_ruiz @RedC yea, this weirdo somehow dodged the whole meteor thing

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