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This is my first ever Toot. Looking forward to Chinwag after much research on the best instance 😀

@mwlucas I just got my copy of Space:1975 and we are both characters in the book. :)

Riesenrotkehlchen im Hintergrund, Zwergzaunkönig im Vordergrund .... Dazwischen Schnee.

Immer wieder erstaunlich wie klein so ein #Zaunkönig ist.


Google fired another woman working in the ethics of AI... because she was looking into why they fired the woman before her who was working in the ethics of AI.

twitch had to silence metallica at blizzcon on their streaming platform and this coincides with the early 2000s when metallica made themselves the reason for this happening, by complaining about napster

Captain Cook experimentally, & successfully, used sauerkraut, fermented cabbage, to combat scurvy in his crew, caused by a lack of vitamin C due to poor ship diets on long sea voyages

Original tweet :

The Mandalorian (no spoilers) 

I'm late to the party and only 3 episodes in, but…

The thing that works is this: They took a small, simple idea and have crafted it far, far better than they would ever have needed to.‡

I want more things like that in the world. Like, filled with those kinds of things.

‡ Who could guess I'd ever say that about Disney or Star Wars.

Trying to find NASA's interactive solar system simulator yesterday I stumbled on a much older version of a much simpler tool. It's almost vintage in computer terms, but still useful!

Choose what body you want to stand on and what you want to look at, and it'll show you the view at any point in time.

If you were on Iapetus, this is what Saturn would look like right now.

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*sips coffee*

I saw a meme about cats interrupting you because they want to copy the hooman, and she’s not a bother anyway but we set up a mat for her and:

If you want to keep up on the raw images coming back from Mars Perseverance, here you go. (It's very sparse at the moment but will fill up in the upcoming days (and hopefully, years.)

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And in other Mars news, the Hope team has released a first shot of Mars from their probe, still probably at a further distance than the final orbit.

It interesting that every probe takes slightly different photos of Mars. The colors and the details seem never to match from one camera to another.

Don't you love the Perseverance logo? So geeky and yet so cute.

The landing was excellent! It's amazing how fast things are moving towards the end - Mars' atmosphere is so thin that there is not much hanging around once you are on the way down.

Now let's see what Perseverance will find!

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