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There is also much to be done in the centralization space; this is why after ActivityPub was released, I decided to turn my work to fill in the remaining pieces with @spritelyproject.

I'm optimistic we can build a better future and get it out there.

Let's do so together.

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There's good reason to be concerned about gatekeepers to our communication, so 16 times in 6 pages isn't so surprising.

Yet, we've *built* alternatives to gatekeeping social networks across ActivityPub and other fediverse projects... how many times are those mentioned? Not once.

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David Dunbar Buick was a plumber who invented the process for adhering enamel to cast iron, clearing the way for cast iron bathtubs in homes. He would later start the Buick Motor Company

Original tweet :

California: We are taking this pandemic serious. Like, seriously.

Topic Lords #76: The Validity Of Converting Songs To Buildings, ft. Aaron and Maxx. We discuss Russian Doll and emotionally correct magic logic, our favorite captchas, AI-remastered Rick Astley, Kegel-based video games and sex UI, &c.

It's nice to know that today, Larry Ellison is really, really unhappy, and he's not going to stop being really, really unhappy for probably a while. ✨

This is a far better use for them than cryptocurrency mining

RT Cpus are good for grooming

Early dawn light as I’m waiting for the oven to heat up for a morning bake.

We made a very spring-like focaccia today. I made the bread and my wife decorated it with fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market before it went into the oven.

Looked great and tasted even better. 😋

This is Carl. He likes to be on human eye level. If he's perched on something when I walk past, I make sure to headbunt him, which he enjoys greatly - so much so that he waits at the top of the basement stairs, at a point where we knows I'll butt him on the way past.

All cats are ultimately a mystery but I'm slowly decoding his body language, and there are wishes he expresses by moving his head. The latest I've decoded is that a forward-and-downward head motion is instructive!

When he's at eye level and enjoying headpats, his head is upright and leaning into the stroke. Sometimes he would duck his head - I took this to mean "Pet somewhere else" or maybe "enough petting," but I mimicked him one day the other week and he PUT HIS PAW ATOP MY HEAD AND STROKED MY HAIR, just like I stroke his head!

So this doesn't mean "No more pets," it means "Now please move your head like this so I can reach to pet you." I've never had a cat do this before.

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