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Monkeypox Is About to Become the Next Public Health Failure - we are not just stupid, we are repeatedly stupid...

The second most ⚡️METAL⚡️ bird is the Ayam Cemani chicken, a breed that is all black (even it’s bones and heart) thanks for a genetic mutation

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Happy Sunday. The most ⚡️METAL⚡️ of all birds is the Secretary Bird, which kills its prey by STOMPING it to death.

Jonathan McDowell: 'Debris would land downrange in northern Borneo, possbily Brunei'

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almost certainly the break up of CZ-5B-Y3, there. The Borneo side of Malaysia

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I’d my bills were paid, I wouldn’t even sell my art. Or my design. I’d just give it away. Because I love doing it.

But having to survive off of it is super hard.

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So the apocalyptic movie The Postman wasn’t able to imagine a timeline as terrible as ours.


USPS Plans to Slash 50,000 Positions in Coming Years to Reach 'Break Even' Point


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