who knew Amélie was into video game piracy

i wonder if vacuum cleaner technology is at the point where they aren't scary to puppers

pro tip: i never know what to do with babies so I always try to high five them, it has been a success with parents

if I had a personality, i would be type D 💦💦💦

a music 

remember that time ladytron and christina aguilera collaborated and it was actually good?

bitching about bad search engine results, aka my usual modus operandi 

no fatherfucker, no

art pro tip: just call everything a piece and you'll seem like an art-knower

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i just remembered I like some pieces by "the knife"

I've never fired a gun and it shows in my noir dreams

if you are young and don't get it, beyblade was a religion in the early 2000

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pretty fucked that we have chess tables and skate parks but no beyblade infrastructure

I dreamed everyone was into Dwarf Fortress lol

"He Never Died" and "She Never Died" should fuck (or at least do a Freddy vs Jason)

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