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If you find me saying insensitive things and what not, please do correct me. I'm a work in progress and I am far from perfect. I make a lot of mistakes and would like to correct them before they become problematic.

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I realised I didn't do an after moving here.

I'm an almost 33 year old South Asian who writes code for a living.

I enjoy pro-wrestling, heavy metal, cooking, reading, making puns, making acquaintances all around the world etc.

I don't trust governments, irrespective of whether I voted them in or not.

So Europe turns back the clock this week, but US does it next week? Whoever made the timezone rules were on some high quality hallucinogens.

People have taken the "support local businesses" push from our PM to simply trend and give publicity to the already rich and booming businesses in the country who cater to the richest of the rich. (High class desserts, chocolates and the likes).

What we really should be doing is giving business to the street vendors who have had it hard because of a pandemic and a lockdown which hit them the hardest and the govt didn't give a fuck.

Tomatoes are about ₹50 for 2 kilos. I may buy in bulk and make a lot of sauces and dosa accompaniments.

Watching a movie with the family. Wish every evening was as relaxed as this. The daylight shit will mean I have late evening meetings from now on.

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and they named him Milvendil, or "Milf-friend", in the old milvish

Throat is itchy again. Probably because I talked a lot over the last 3 days.


A lot of what is viral on social media these days is just regurgitated knowledge that's already widely available online in a way that makes it seem like new wisdom and discoveries.

A few days ago, I found that an article by a "famous" personality in Indian social media circles is a written form of a 2012 video by a chef at a special lecture. And the former probably got paid a lot to write that thing too.

Is it better to rant or to just let things go if you want to be at peace?

Apparently, I had deep sleep only for 1.5 hours and the same amount of REM sleep. The rest was pretty light. :/

Big novels typed on emacs should be called MaGNUm Opuses.

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If you blackmail someone with feet pics, that's pedipulation

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Being respectful of people's space. What a concept!

I'm pretty sure that my body hates the chemicals in okra and eggplant these days. Whenever I eat them (and I love those!), I feel slightly feverish and my throat gets congested.

Pop-up ads aimed at adolescents are proteen modals.

This thread is all sorts of awesome geekery and how things happen in McD.

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monads in the streets, myass in the sheets

I'm still not in the "Monday is a holiday" mindset yet.

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