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If you find me saying insensitive things and what not, please do correct me. I'm a work in progress and I am far from perfect. I make a lot of mistakes and would like to correct them before they become problematic.

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I realised I didn't do an after moving here.

I'm an almost 33 year old South Asian who writes code for a living.

I enjoy pro-wrestling, heavy metal, cooking, reading, making puns, making acquaintances all around the world etc.

I don't trust governments, irrespective of whether I voted them in or not.

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I hate the way that

while /I/ have a personal server computer and can put up text files or gemini maps or html pages or whatever kind of simple or complex content,

any 'ordinary' computer user would put every one of those pages in a 'Google Doc'

for various reasons of storage space, no administration knowledge, no alternatives, etc, 'Google Docs' have replaced independent web pages for the average person.

why don't we have Google Completely Arbitrary JSless Page Hosting.
google are cowards


A friend to whom I sent my blog link said that it looked like medium (I don't know what he was smoking.)

I need new friends.

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A dwarf is a little person who lives in a rock.
A elf is a little person who lives in a rock
A troll is a little person who lives in a rock

Welcome to REAL Norse Mythology and Religion

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I should add that I don’t hate them half as much as I hate the little shit outside revving the engine on his shitty little bike. I can smell the unburnt hydrocarbons from here FFS

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Tis the season of getting things fixed at home.

The grinder we use for making dosa batter had broken stones, the wheel bearing of our scooter was misaligned and leaking, the washing machine is noisier than usual, the AC needs regular maintenance etc.

It wouldn't have come to this if we hadn't had a lockdown and these things had been checked before.

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How ppl have disappointed me:
- voting for fascists
- misgendering/deadnaming
- criticising BIPOC movements
- whitewashing

Things that are never disappointing:
- forgot to reply to msg, or no energy to
- replied late
- not in the mood for sex/some other activity
- wanting attention
- feeling jealous/insecure
- negative feelings in general
- want to spend time alone/with somebody
- not being the ideal activist/lover/friend etc.

the latter are not moral failings, therefore never disappointing.

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How do I bring myself to do anything when work itself wears me out leaving me with no energy for any other productive pursuit?

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[Feature request] Disable replies

It's been the most 👍ed feature request on the issue list for almost two years, and now Twitter has this feature only better.

If you aren't going to stand for this, click through to the Github issue and add your 👍 - and if you don't have a Github account but you like this feature request, consider boosting to get it in front of more people who *do* have Github!

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OK, I'm putting this on my bucket list. I'll write a book about something some day.

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Tech guys into cooking are like "I added 15 grams of dark roast single-source Javanese coffee to 200 milliliters of spring water heated to precisely 210°... and to eat, here's some buttered noodles and a cut up carrot"

Since an hour ago, I have this urge to write a book. I don't know about what though.

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Wrote on the blog about a need for slowing down communications at work.

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@Neeneen @viv
True it won't work with family and older relatives because, we just don't communicate with them as much we communicate with our peers and friends. And in most cases messeges between family and those relatives will be a little more important because most of them will not keep their cell phone at them all the time, so may be they like to see a respond as soon as possible so they can continue with their work, so I think it's better to use short messeging with those people.
But the slow phased communication will be a great boost to friendships and like relationships.

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@viv @seek True, socially. I've a few friends I message (usually an entire rant or thoughts about something), they respond after a couple of days (again, paragraphs-long), and usually this pace of conversation works.

But it doesn't work with family or older relatives. And I don't know how best to tell them that it's ok someone did not respond/text immediately (or answer the phone instantly). And it's not like the messages are urgent; mostly just forwards that they want applause/opinions for.

Wrote on the blog about a need for slowing down communications at work.

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August 11, is the last date to send your objections to the government against the EIA Draft 2020.

Please do send an email 📩to [email protected]
#environment #EIADraft2020 #EIAForGreenIndia #EIA2020

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