Follow I self hosted an instance over the weekend and I love it so far. One feature I couldn't find in the API that existed in the UI was exporting "tagged"(unread, tagged etc) content as a single file (PDF, mobi, epub etc.)

I'd love to see this to create a workflow where I can generate a week's unread articles into a mobi and email it to my Kindle. Would it be possible to add? (I don't have PHP knowhow to develop this myself.)

hi @viv its me.

1. I'm unable to connect the android app to my instance. Any idea what's wrong?

2. And you have a Kindle? How is the experience? I'm looking forward to buying an eReader, preferably a Kobo device because it can read epub.

@ponytail Do you see anything at all with the error logs? I'm not too sure what's going on.

I have owned a Kindle for the last 12 years. I love being able to carry it around. I'd have bought a Kobo if it wasn't so expensive in India.

@viv is kobo even available here in India? I have asked a relative to get me one from Canada.

Do you pirate books? Or buy them from the Kindle store and remove the DRM, or use them with the DRM?

The error message:

@ponytail I buy them off Amazon and pirate too. I don't de-DRM as such.

@ponytail That error seems like your certificate is having issues. Browser out of date maybe?

@ponytail You can get one issued using Let's Encrypt.

@viv I can't because I having issues with port forwarding.

Do you use wallabag with your Kindle?

@ponytail I don't use directly. I save articles and then export mobi files to read on the Kindle.

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