Today has been a tough week.

@viv well why won't just listen to some old school hindi songs? damn man I love those. So relaxing.

btw do you know the meaning of 'Dil laga liya'? it's my favourite song.

@seek Well, I'm not even a native Hindi speaker, so there wasn't any influence when I was young to the music from the north.

@viv ahh I see, forgot how big India is. So you are from the south? I think I never knew.

@seek From where I live, it's half as far to your country's capital than it is to Bombay. 😬

@viv oohw I assume for India that's pretty close to Bombay right.

@seek Oh no no. I meant I live very close to your country.

I live in Chennai. :dance_cool_doge:

@viv damn! Chennaii 🔥

( well I've never seen chennai it sounds cool)

@seek It's hot, can't ever call it cool haha. It's a decent city.

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