There's going to be a talk about diversity at my workplace tomorrow and the main speakers are two white men and 4 upper caste Indians.

I can't, but laugh at the absurdity of all this.

This talk turned out to be OK-ish, though it never addressed how to fix the issues. Just what the issues are. And of course, several employees were blind to these issues from the chat messages that poured in about how they thought it was the greatest speech they'd listened to.

@viv You should ask when will there be diversity in diversity talks in Q&A...

@thumb I plan on doing so, though anonymously. :/


LOL I can just imagine it now...

"Hello, everyone. I'm Bob and I'm here to teach you about diversity.

I believe I am uniquely positioned to lead this talk seeing as how I am directly descended from a long line of colonizers who subjugated and exploited extremely diverse groups of people from all over the world.

Well then, let's begin.

Diversity is good. It says so right here in our Corporate Diversity Manual."

@shahaan Haha! Apparently, the chief guest is someone who has won awards for writing a book about workplace diversity. She's still an upper caste woman and I'm sure she isn't going to be without her biases because of the privileged upbringing.

@viv I’m wondering what the upper caste people are fixing to do 😳

@sidd_harth0_5h4h They said they'll try to recruit with diversity in mind, but came back to the point of merit. I mean, merit is how sections of the population are left behind because they don't have an equal opportunity to come up the ladder.

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