Read this on HN and this is one of the saddest, yet true things about the world right now.

I know such people and I'm quite sad that their abilities are being used for such ends. And they don't care about anything other than the money, and preaching to the less fortunate from their high horses about the "system" being broken.

. @viv I won't say "they #DontCare " otherwise why they will preach and complain? It is about being able to break out of the trap or avoid it altogether! There are many ways to break the #bigTechSystem and every contribution counts!

@prakasc They preach because they think that's the atonement for their sins. They can work for better causes with their smarts and not use it for propaganda corporations. They definitely aren't doing much by preaching while being hypocrites.

. @viv I would think that they are in a trap and may or may not be realizing it. Some or many of them may be looking for opportunity to open their own #FB, #Birdsite etc. Those are on the other side and #DontCare !

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