And with some of my current chilli plants, I have plucked leaves from the single stem because I saw a YouTube video which said it promotes branching and more yield.

Any gardening experts who know if that's true or not?

Apparently, that's called topping so as to make a shrub out of the plants and make it less top heavy. TIL!

@eldaking I wouldn't know the term for it! I'm a noon at gardening, though I'm quite interested in growing my own stuff on some level.

@viv Pruning is when you "strategically" cut some branches to make the plant grow better.

Things like cutting weaker branches so that the rest grows healthier, or cutting more in one direction so that the plant grows more in others (like cutting on top to make it "wider" or on the sides to make it taller).

It sounds like what you saw in the video is some kind of pruning, in which case it is quite plausible (though I'm far from an expert).

@eldaking A quick DDG calls it Topping. I am trying it, will find out in some days what the results are.

@viv @eldaking I'm also no expert, but gardeners I trust tell me that removing parts of a plant you don't want it to put energy into can help the other parts of the plant grow better. This proved true for my tomato plants, my lemon tree, mint, and basil (texhnically i was deadheading the mint and basil, meaning i pruned off flowers that started to grow in order to prevent them from going to seed, but i think the idea os basically the same).

@viv From a quick search* I think it is a particular kind of pruning - related to the one I mentioned where you take out branches at the top to make it grow sideways.
Seems legit, though this kind of thing can get elaborate - where exactly to cut and how much and what season.

*Had to search for "topping gardening chilli peppers". With only gardening all results were about cannabis, and just "topping" would be asking for lewd answers

@viv @eldaking Yep, topping is a style of pruning that should get you shorter, bushier chili plants

@viv TIL! seems reasonable since peppers grow top-heavy and have pretty small roots. I'm going to try this too.

@wavering Good luck! Let me know how that goes.

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