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oh look I have a lewd alt or whatever 

You ever find yourself thinking, "Vulture's great, but they're not nearly horny enough?" Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I am attracted to this bird fellow?" Like, do you actually want to see lewd content or something?

I'm not only here, but also at @vulturenest and that's where I post that stuff. Just making a new post about it now that I'm more comfortable. I might not accept requests I'm not 100% sure about, sorry! I want to be completely sure first is all!

okay love you bye

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New introduction and interaction stuff, updated 25 July 2022:

Thanks for taking the time to check my pinned posts for this! I'm Vulture and I'm a brown queer non-binary fellow in the Pacific Northwest. I love wildlife and other queer people, and I hate cops and people who can't respect my boundaries — it's only natural. Also I think I'm kind of funny sometimes idk

I have a lot of labels, but just be nice and we'll be cool!

I post a lot about poetry, and I like to talk about plants, some tech stuff (I don't consider myself much of a "tech person" though), and sometimes about my feelings. I'm mixed race - half south Asian - living in the US and I talk about that and the queer experience sometimes. I consider judgements about whether I'm "Asian enough" or whether I "look Asian" to be racism (because it is).

- Please send a message before following! I may not approve every follow request even with a DM because we might just not vibe, but please don't take it personally, I'm sure you're a fine person! When you send a DM first, it lets me know that you're being considerate of my boundaries, and while I may approve a request without it, I still want to ask.

- Boosts are okay if the post is set to a privacy setting that allows it!

- It's always okay to ask a question in a DM if it's in good faith!

- Flirting might be okay! Please message me first to check though, and I'm in my 20s so please don't flirt with me if you're younger than 18. If you say something that makes me uncomfortable, I'll let you know, and after that we'll figure it out. 😁

- If you need something CW'd, please let me know! I'm happy to accommodate where I can.

- If I say something problematic, please let me know - I may not know the full context behind something and an explanation really helps.

Okay, I look forward to seeing you around!

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if you reject a follow from me and I do it again it's probably because I have bird brain and forgot

Personally, I'd like to think I'd probably spend that time either playing my solo TTRPGs, reading, or looking at art. Realistically, I'd probably just shitpost all night lmao

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(serious) what would you do in your normal sleeping hours if you never had to sleep again?

*flight announcer voice* ladies we have ascended to 30,000 feet and are now officially gaming; feel free to move about the cabin

simultaneous communication amidst multiple platforms (SCAMP)


Windows down, heater on
Big bolts of lightning hanging low
Over the coast, everyone's convinced
It's a government drone or an alien spaceship
Either way, we're not alone
I'll find a new place to be from
A haunted house with a picket fence
To float around and ghost my friends
No, I'm not afraid to disappear
The billboard said: "The End Is Near!"
I turned around, there was nothing there
Yeah, I guess the end is here

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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ACAB includes the random two-man federal tactical team assigned to the Department of Health and Human Services at the National Institute of Health, who have never responded to an active threat situation and who have been deployed a handful of times, namely providing security for the First Lady and- *checks notes* ...transporting nuclear materials??

antisocial nerd twink who reads archived issues of 2600 from the 80s to gay girl who reads scihub all day pipeline

i bet ur girl can't do this stands up and faints due to an iron deficiency

and there's a thunderstorm this evening too?? I just saw lightning after visiting with someone else

this is a very unusual evening

I'm at this thing and I think I'm being judged by trendy white people

“What brings you to the vacuum store today?”

“I sucked an open bottle of lavender oil into my vacuum, and now every time I use it the smell is so powerful I have to go lie down”



“Last week a lady came in because she sucked up the molten contents of an entire scented candle”



Being embarrassing in public is my birthright, they can never take that away from me

Let's face it, restaurants really findom you and turn you into a paypig simp just for a singular tender morsel. We're fucking deluded sheep

Everyday I wake up and generate massive amounts of incomprehensible data and then go to bed

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