open source tinder alternative for trans catgirls with anxiety disorders

I wrote this post specifically to call out half of this federated verse

@vultureculture I always wanted to make a trans dating app called Bindr but I never got around to it, partially bc I'm bad at app development (much better at backend and web apps) and partially bc I didn't know what to do about chasers

@raphaelmorgan I think the potential for targeted violence against an already vulnerable minority would be too high for it to be a good idea tbqh

@vultureculture yeah that too, I think that's what I meant by "chasers" but ig ppl could also do that without even wanting to fuck trans ppl

@Elizafox @vultureculture everyone's so far away tho :c meeting plenty of cuties on here but I'll never get to meet any in person

@vultureculture that doesnt change how called out i feel but yeah

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