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nervously sweating when someone from my main account sees this profile, not knowing the depraved stuff I say when posts are set to followers only :blobCatMeltCry:

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Okay maybe I've reached the point of this just straight up being my "lewd alt" lmao

I'm so sorry you guys

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FYI I may interact with your lewd account (if you have one) on this alt, as opposed to on main. ❤️


hey man who's your cum dealer, I need a hit

type of guy who you can exchange cum jokes with??? (rare, blessed, honorable)

my toxic trait is being super insecure about literally everything

I'm too dang hot to be depressed

just let me be hot and without brain, pls

and that I'm not being called babe or something and being winked at and teased just a little

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pretty transphobic that I'm not being kissed on the head right now


it would be really nice to be snuggled and kissed on the cheek right now

I think I need to be held by someone taller than me 🤔 or like, I could straddle their lap or something

~ ? 

have to be good at sex because I'm otherwise pretty useless

sure, we could engage in serious discourse. but we could instead just post about ass and dick and it would actually be more productive, I think

lewd misinfo 

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Succ

inflation (not!! sexual!!) 

so there's this fucking image that my brain conjured up a few months ago that I can't push out of my mind, because I find it so fucking funny, and it has to be only me who does. like, a kobold being inflated by a dragon, just pumped full of hot air, and they've got this panicked look on their face and their cheeks are all puffy. And the dragon basically turns them into a balloon, but they're too round to move with their stubby little limbs, so they're flailing in mid air at like, a dragon child's birthday party

type of kink where you get snug and I read you a bedtime story

lewd misinfo kink joke 

cumflation is when you have to work twice as hard to get the same amount of cum for your efforts

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