@xeras@stop.voring.me is no longer inactive cause calckey ≠ misskey (kind of)


achievement unlocked: flirting with insults

interpretation left to the reader 

it's achilles hours

i guess it'll be fun to play if i'm ever really bored

first time playing pony town 

there are a lot of people here wow

i don't actually... get the "fr*nch" thing
am i missing some piece of information or is it just a meme

pony.space would be a great fedi instance

my thoughts on systemd is a mantra, "all systems are equal"
what does this mean? it means i don't care if you use systemd or not, how you set up your system is a personal preference and i'll accept it

i should start posting on fedi in french again, that'd help me a bit

wherever i move it should be in the EU so if I have friends nearby I can visit them easily

i wanna vacation in norway cause it seems like a really cool country

everypony look at yourself and wonder: am i a shitposter? or just a shit poster


i want a friend i can cuddle with whenever 🥺 i want a queerplatonic relationship so bad


craving a queerplatonic relationship yet again

pony pronouns rock and i would like to experiment with them sometime

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