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I guess intersectionality is just complicated. Whatever. I exist. :aRainbowSheep:

anyone wanna play ff14 with me while I scream into the void?

My friend and I walked past a Chinese restaurant this evening and heard two waiters who were chilling outside the restaurant door randomly and jokingly uttering the f word in English with a Chinese accent. My friend and I shared an eye contact - they don’t speak English very well but they find saying swear word in English fun. And this is very common. A lot of people who are not systematically learning a language might just pick up some swear words in that language.

The problem isn't stupid people.
The problem is people who don't know how to think.
People who are fed facts and data and theories, culture and beliefs and ideas,
without knowing how to interpret any of it.

Inevitably, all they have to guide then when their ideas are challenged is emotion. Their attempts at argument crumble immediately, and then they succumb to aggression.

hi mutuals if you want me to follow one of your alts please tell me because I'm horrible at guessing

hi mutuals if you want me to follow one of your alts please tell me because I'm horrible at guessing

going to start calling any cishet that shaves or uses make-up "groomer".

Leo the cat, eye contact 

This is the same picture, just separated by time.

Leo as a kitten, Leo 14 years later. This is still his favorite bed.



I was terribly sleepy before cooking, and worried that I would make something not edible, again. Turns out not bad. And the spicy chili made me not sleepy any more. But my nose.. :blobCatNom:

You Wouldn't Pirate A Cat.

*tries to cover her screen with her hand. It has a torrent client open, and is downloading a 2.48GB file named "CAT GENOME"*

Don't forget to back up the files you are working on, you never know what's gonna happen

you're in his dms i have him purring on my lap and i can't get up


She's been resting on my shoulder for the past like two hours... Snoozy girl...

Finished a difficult task? Treat yourself a little.

i wonder if vacuum cleaner technology is at the point where they aren't scary to puppers

begpost (sorry) 

if anyone is able, i rlly need $20 so i can afford to get both hormone refills and food for this week,,
im currently doing my best to find a job thats both safe and feasible for me but have had little luck in doing so

my cashapp is $Elagabaluss
and my paypal is

there are more than two genders but im not high enough level to unlock them so i have to stick with the starter genders

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