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Allos e Chalotas, están moi bonitas. A ver se non lles fai mal a auga e frío destos días

por MRPS

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I feel so sorry for what happened to Keivan and AppGet:

His tool got squashed by Microsoft. Microsoft does not love open source, it wants to own it.

My thoughts:

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"How to de-Google-ify your website"

My latest post is now live on for site owners and web developers who'd like to explore more independent alternatives to Google's products.

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Non é por facer publicidade pero na foto fica claro cal é a prensa escrita que se vende e cal non:

23 -> 25

hi @mastobikes

I've upgraded to 25mm tyres from 23, better grip on wet and comfy riding was (my) reasoning, it's said more resistance to puncture too. "Performance" wasn't an issue in my case.

I've just ride 1h. :blob_cat_peek: so no real test, but what's your opinion about using wider tyres? May your case be up to 28 or whatever.

thanks! 🚴


moitas risas cos runers hai uns días (xustificadas), pero a tontería dos terracistas tampouco ten desperdicio. Qué dicir de quen fixo cola para entrar no ikea 👽

Son consciente de que todas vivimos nunha burbulla e o que está fóra dela ten difícil acceso a nosa empatía :drake_dislike: e rápidamente causa empacho 🖕

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Does someone use #jami? I have several issues from long delays of send or receive messages, crash when I try to send images, audios that stays on trying to connect, messages receives even if I see the other person as disconnected, calls and video.calls stays in connected

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Free Krita workshop, Friday 29 May 15h00 (Paris time) for the Libre Graphic Meeting 2020 and I'll be your host.
Theme: speedpainting and dragons.
More infos:
#LGM2020 #krita

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New blog post! It's a quick overview over the different keys involved in #matrix 's new cross signing.

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Instagram Import has been successfully tested in production!

The beta will be available within the hour on supported instances.

#pixelfed #instagramImport

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Seis ideas filosóficas para reflexionar sobre la pandemia
El trabajo de los filósofos consiste en incordiar y “señalar lo que debe ser destruido para no repetir errores”

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Google memories (14/14) 

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I have more than a dozen domain registered on Namecheap. And most of them are useless now.

If somebody needs any of this, I could transfer for no charge.

I'm listing only the good or catchy names that might be useful for you for some projects.

If somebody needs any of the above, let me know.


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BUSCO CASA. will close at the of june


Este servidor va a cerrar a finales de junio y me gustaría migrar la cuenta antes de esa fecha.

Por el bien de la red DESCENTRALIZADA me gustaría migrar a un servidor con vocación de permanencia y que no fuese uno de esos "mainstream"

Me podéis recomendar algún servidor amigable para cuentas como esta relacionadas con la música, el arte, ...


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It was just announced that (200,348 accounts) and (59162 accounts) are shutting down at the end of June! that is more then 6% of fediverse accounts disappearing overnight.

I would like to do anything in my power to figure out how to prevent this from happening.

No races, no problem 😅

It's sunday (my usual race day) and I had to spice up the week with some @trailrunning

Nice 2 hours on this morning 🌄 It's a shame that in this part of the year is when longer races happen. I've no motivation for running-solo (or small group) for 4-6-8 hours but really enjoy this easy runs on nature 🎉

I use to run in places like these Not big mountains

... o target é de amplio espectro e haille que proporcionar motivos para premer nalgún sitio, xa sexa por estar de acordo co que expresan; por darche noxo; por reforzar as túas ideas; por atopar xente afín; por poder arrimarte aos "moderados" que só queren o ben para as persoas que tanto fixeron por nós e como non lles imos aplaudir; ... e se non "pan e circo".

Veña. A disfrutar lo votado.

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