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I'll check if mastodon migration system's worked as expected and I'll add any of you missed 😉 Worry Not! 😄

Se todo funcionou como debe as listas de seguimento (excluíndo gnusocial) deberían migrar a este novo servidor. Hei ir mirando se falta alguén e engadíndovos a man nos próximos días 😉

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“Owl," said Rabbit shortly, "you and I have brains. The others have fluff. If there is any thinking to be done in this Forest - and when I say thinking I mean thinking - you and I must do it.” - A.A. Milne

This is an image of a Little Owl. Shot in Tso Kar in #Ladakh. He was very alert to my presence and kept a close watch on what I was upto. For more details and some more images of this guy click

#photo #photography #wildlife #nature #birdphotography #birds

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:funkwhale: Good morning #Funkwhale #podcast helpers!

We have two polls up to help us decide on priorities for development. One is for the creator side, and one is for the listener side. Feel free to fill out either or both!

subscribers group poll:

creators group poll:

Our next meeting is Thursday, December 12 at 17:00 UTC in our Matrix channel ( but you are welcome to join in and discuss things any time.


"Hiking 90 miles alone in Picos de Europa Spain"

some mountains, some clouds ...and doggies

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Signal published a paper, discussing a new "Private Group System and Anonymous Credentials Supporting Efficient Verifiable Encryption": (PDF file)

– This feature brings a role system, but servers need to store information.
– Blog article:
– Discussion:

#signal #messenger #infosec #security

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Pick your clothes up off the floor and put them in the hamper.

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A antiga juíza do Tribunal Constitucional, Clara Sottomayor, fala sobre o episódio que levou à sua saída, no âmbito do processo do acesso das Secretas aos metadados das nossas telecomunicações.

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Libreflix existe desde lá sei quanto tempo mas só descobri hoje. Esse fds vou maratonar na plataforma.

finished @protonmail to .

Xesús Mosquera started two years ago and I've finished it, so expect some concordance problems I'll try to solve ASAP but interface doesn't help (at least with my user editing rights)

Rematei de traducir a app ProtonMail ao , un traballo que comezou Xesús Mosquera hai un par de anos, intentarei solventar os problemas de concordancia (ou fallos) que SEGURO existen. Agradecería calquera reporte dos mesmos 🙏 A UI web tomará + tempo

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Source: Celes Allegue, Strava (

Solpor na ría de #Vigo #Galicia, coas illas #Cíes ao fondo, nunha saída en #kayak
Normalmente só poño fotografías miñas, pero creo que "roubar esta" paga a pena.

#nofilter #sea #sun

"All right boyz&grils it's time to get the dance shoes on, You listening the KUNT is on the dial all the time on"

bye! have a (fairly) nice day!!

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You don't understand why the french are massively tooting ?

Just follow #grève or #grevegenerale to understand how frogs do complain :blackblob:

Lot of french workers do not want to live in an unfair liberal world.

Protesters are not the enemy.

Que en non exista a palabra "buzón", faime pensar en qué momento da historia se comezaron a deixar as cartas na Caixa de Correo (mailbox).

Tamén na razón de que a palabra non chegase a este recuncho, procedente da rexión de , tras derivar de "bozón"

Destas cousas que pensas metras traduces un pouco.

PSA: from @fdroidorg is back to normal.

At least "anonymous" login works fine

Fuji and Garmin apps updated w/o problems

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So what could be a good hardware alternative to switching to #linux from #macos MacBook Pro? Can a late 2013 #macbookpro run Linux or would I face compatibility issues? What alternative laptop of similar characteristics (especially the retina display) are there?

#switch @kde @gnome

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