L'autre jour quelqu'un se lamentait (au moins!) que #Signal ne soit pas dispo sur #FDroid : je suis tombé sur une astuce : langis.cloudfrancois.fr/

pas besoin de s'embêter à dl l'apk officielle sur le site tous les 4 matins pour avoir les updates, vous pouvez obtenir une version débarassée des google services sur froid en quelques clics :)

@Oz thanks! it might be useful for some people 👏 😃

BTW, I've to add that:

[...]and the impossibility to use Signal on devices which does not have the Google Play Services enabled or [...]

I'm using signal apk from their website on LineageOS for more than 2 years(?), without microg installed works perfectly fine with instant notifications and message delivery.

As an example, we cannot use regular version of Signal on LineageOS with MicroG.

with MicroG: I don't know 🤷‍♂️


@Oz signal apk checks on install time if there's Google services available (vía microg) and tries to use them. If not properly configured then it may not work (as you said). I can not tell because I don't use google services

Hey @jae weren't you asking few days ago about an alternative client in order to use two different numbers on the same device (dual sim)?

You may want to try this github.com/johanw666/Signal-An

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@xosem @Oz @jae MicroG ils OK with signal on m'y phone, it's an official imabe from microg, so the configuration is premade by someone else. (I'm using a OnePlus 5T with LineageOS-microG 17.1, and I have Magisk) But I prefer to use f-droidfor installing stuff, so this fork is useful
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