tamén escoitei o programa dun par de días antes, onde falaban sobre a Frenoloxía

Haydn, decapitado por la frenología

mentras lle daba un pouco ao pedal 🚴

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CX Belgisch Kampioenschap M 

both ♀️ and ♂️ races had expected winners. Men's race was more entertaining though, with a nice fight for the podium places. Quite dissapointing Iserbyt, IMO, more troubled by his head than by his elbow.


yeah, that island (isolated land)

Recently I came across some post from naturalnewscenter pod users. Let me say that naturalnewscenter is crap, IMHO.

So as this user says (picture), better choose another pod just for your own credibility and reputation.

Here's an invite to joindiaspora.com in case you wanted to join D*

Jack Dorsey :blobpeek: the OpenSource, Peer Reviewed and funded by grants lobbyst
Twitter :blobpeek:

TW is not critical then, I guess. (it's not)

Mal. Para que nos imos enganar. Pero é "normal" nestos días de comidas raras e algo excesivas. Costoume un bo anaco ter sensacións medio normais e iso que nin me esforcei nin nada.

It was a bad run, not so fun. As usual, I don't take food/rest under control on these days. It took me a bit to get in a good/easy pace. The sooner you come back running (easy runs) the faster you'll recover.

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Who invented the Wall of Sound concept? It was not phil spector for sure.

Escoitando :catMusic:

- En tono menor

Tocar mal una nota es insignificante; tocar sin pasión es inexcusable.

... e xa de paso 🚴

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