the usual 10K-ish loop early today at a brisky pace (to my feeling).

today's training target was

15' warm up

3x(15" all out sprint + 3' luxirous recovery jog) +5'recovery

10' cool down

It's a short high intensity effort that promotes (upregulates) many physiological functions AND increases running efficiency/economy IF you keep good form and speed in all efforts.

It's very important to be fast (actually sprinting) and full recover in between sprints.

Eat, sleep, train, repeat.

Current status: eating 😜🤗

esto ía ir só para seguidoras pero

, porque estamos a mércores e por tocalas pelotas 🤷

:welp:​ eventually I run longer than planned 😊

Today's topic was:

"Self pacing" for (even longer) events. As I felt fine, relaxed, I extended the planned loop. It was a little bit harder at the end, but all in all it was a great as it makes me confident of going longer if I run my own race.

I didn't eat nor drink anything in this run, as it was a machinery finetuning test 🤣

I had time to listen Melissa and Tina's conversation, much interesting that I had anticipated. Melissa had a carreer oriented to become an ASTRONAUT! How cool is that!! 🚀 They talk about setting goals and overcome dificulties. She's on the thing too!! 👣 (just mentioned, not a topic in the conversation), and etc. It was nice.

Then episode about using

Scott and Don relaxed and informative as usual, I've learned a thing or two. I don't usually run with poles, just one stick 😛

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FYI, a horta.

na primeira vese o cebolo, lantado en varias tandas. Os allos á esquerda, xa grandes. As ceboletas un pouco máis preto. No primeiro plano uns pes de cebolo así plantados raros, con leituga polo medio, que se levan be. Máis arriba o heito de zanorias, moi bonitas, que lle quitamolas herbas hai uns días e faille de sacho. Arriba as hachas de carballo secando.

Na segunda vese o enxerto da Claudieira (ciruela verde), que semella só prendeu un. No segundo plano está o ruibarbo, grelando (floreando).

Na terceira están os chícharos, tamén con moita flor. Xa lle puxemos a rede porque os f----- p--- dos paxaros ainda non forma a vaina xa van comelos. Lóxico, todo hai que dicilo 🙄🙏

I've found a blog; wanted to contact; options are... so no contact available for me.

I guess I could open an issue in any of his github repos and ask him a F- email

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