Hi @dansup @pixelfed

shouldn't picture modal be larger and/or RESPONSIVE to screen size/resolution? Thank you 😊 🖼️

what's wrong with people's choice when they want to show respect and sorrow for those who are not treated with R E S P E C T? Should I reply? Yes, I did.

memeto ou nonmemeto? metínme.

I've (eventually) out-smarted a fly 💪 

PSA from
about and security/privacy

I got this warning on thundirbird start up today

I like the new GRID layout.
You get "description" when pointer's over image, and that's fine, but I expected image/post opened on a big modal when clicking on this previews.


, cun presidente psicópata (ao menos), pero poden facer transaccións de cartos co wastapp. Marabilloso né?

#TZAG xente! 🌅 Ahí vai unha pensada. 

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following the hashtag on * is quite interesting 🤔 you always meet new people.

I was thinking to reply to this message, that sure FB&TW are sh*t, but not for the same reason she/he gives, IMO.
Finally I wrote nothing, my prejudices well may start a sour conversation by no reason. F*ck off TW&FB&allTrumpsSh*t

Giving the times we are living in I also presume this guy/gal is following mr. trumps line of "thought". I may be wrong

As for sanity, I wont feed them :drake_dislike:

23 -> 25

hi @mastobikes

I've upgraded to 25mm tyres from 23, better grip on wet and comfy riding was (my) reasoning, it's said more resistance to puncture too. "Performance" wasn't an issue in my case.

I've just ride 1h. :blob_cat_peek: so no real test, but what's your opinion about using wider tyres? May your case be up to 28 or whatever.

thanks! 🚴

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