📺 long and spectacular bunch sprint in Radklassiker Eschborn-Frankfurt

images from 🚁 are beautiful, watching how hard teams fight for positioning their top sprinter 😍

Gaviria 🇨🇴 made a nice slalom 😅

bo día!

que tal estás? Eu moi ben despois da volta en de onte 🤡 Durmín moi decentemente e non me doe nada 🎉 De ánimo ben 🤞
Dalle forte ao luns 💪

how do doing ? I've slept well and feel recovered from yesterday's . It was the longest by far this year so soreness/pain may happen in the next day.

Hope you are meh at least and can beat a monday 💪

Shit genius! 🇨🇵 👊👊

One can be the strongest ou there, but you have to deliver, and Julian did! What a win!

Hats off to Remco also.

pois nada, funlle sacando fotos aos cruceiros, que quedou boa tarde para ir dar unha volta 🚴

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fedipeople :blobCoffee:

We have now in project


This list of for all sorts of outdoor activities: , , , outdoor living, , , and so on.

thanks @kensanata 😉

here we go!!! 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴

I've put back these 38s for unpaved trails, gravel-like paths in the old MTB. It's perfect unless you go offroad (I won't), and lets you ride nicely on asphalt, not feeling "dragged" by fat tyres ✌


Sunny for a joyful easy ride 😉🚴

My new kit for this 🇧🇪

Está mal que o diga eu, pero mencanta 🤩 magrada molt 😅

"Espero honrar e respetar a tradición que representa, un orguio formar parte deste equipo, bla bla bla 🤣"

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