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Trail Runner Nation: EP 534

Kilian Up Close: , Risk Taking, Family & More with the World's Greatest Trail Runner

Guest Hosts Anna Frost and Stephanie Howe speak with Kilian from his home in a quiet Norwegian village where he lives with his wife, noted trail racer Emilie Forsberg, two daughters, a labradoodle, eleven sheep and a menagerie of farm animals.

You will find that Kilian is humble and thoughtful.  You will find out where he ranks a 24-hour track run on his "fun scale".  He is passionate about our environment and brining up his family and teaching future generations about how to keep the planet safe.

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Estaba moi boa maΓ±Γ‘n, con sol e sen vento πŸ‘Œ

Debo agradecer o traballo do clube local de BTT 🚡 que manteΓ±en os carreiros limpos, podendo facer diferentes rutas de subida/baixada ao monte ⛰️

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