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Mobile apis will be enabled on this evening!

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GnuPG 2.2.18 available:

– GnuPG 2.2.18 can also use non-OpenPGP cards. The commands --full-gen-key and --quick-gen-key can be used to directly create keys on supported cards.
– All SHA-1-based key signatures newer than 2019-01-19 are removed from the web-of-trust to prepare against chosen-prefix SHA-1 collisions.

#gpg #gnupg #openpgp #security #infosec #cybersecurity

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16 days since my last sport's activity (any!), I'm 2kg fatter and don't feel like running or whatever. Anyway I guesss sooner than later (tomorrow) I'll ride the bike on the rollers or something. Not worried at all. It was scheduled and needed to start training for next spring/summer #trailrunning races. I'm not injured neither, just lazy :p
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¡Gentes del Fediverso, necesito vuestra ayuda!

¿Conocéis proyectos de soberanía tecnológica, implementación de software libre ... en América Latina que provengan de los movimientos sociales?

Es para ver cómo se han llevado a cabo y si las estrategias pueden usarse en otros lugares.

Gracias, amores.

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dos creadores de "República o Barbarie", chega... 🎦 

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Esta semana he tenido mi primer contratiempo corriendo descalzo, para darle la razón a los que piensan que está uno loco.

#descalcismo #correrdescalzo

yeggi - 3D Printer Models Search Engine

> Search Engine for 3D printable Models

Cheguei a través dun artigo de , onde enlazaba a deseños para as cámaras da serie , pero hai moitos máis dispoñibles na base de datos.

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Hey Fediverse, please tell me your favourite @pixelfed accounts! Interested in photography, illustration, typography, etc.

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Ho registrato un account e aperto un canale su la prima istanza italiana di #PeerTube.
A scuola, qualche problema su Firefox con i certificati e soprattutto con il firewall, ma risolveremo. Buon lavoro a @maupao @Ca_Gi @wikimediaitalia @steko @paolo @peertube

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New version of Share freedom – Extension for 🦊 Firefox

Simplest add-on for the #fediverse. Share web pages right from the toolbar button.
It supports most of the services/protocols, including XMPP and Nextcloud.

Hey! Oh! let's go! 

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After a lot of combined effort by the F-Droid community and the jitsi team the #Jitsi Meet app is now finally available on F-Droid:

🎉 🎉 🎉

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Fewer than 3% of Firefox users have enabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Most people don't change defaults but it's such a quick switch for a big speed boost, a much less intrusive and much less distracting web. Here's how

at first glance my Home time line is populated by all my loved fediverse people 😘 👍

Semella que a maioría de vos aparece no TL de Inicio ✌️ 💃

Boa noite! :catSleep:

I'll check if mastodon migration system's worked as expected and I'll add any of you missed 😉 Worry Not! 😄

Se todo funcionou como debe as listas de seguimento (excluíndo gnusocial) deberían migrar a este novo servidor. Hei ir mirando se falta alguén e engadíndovos a man nos próximos días 😉

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