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Hi @FediFollows

I'd like to endorse 😊 you @luiseme as good source for resources.

Gracias Luis 👏

a Academia comparte

Xeliña fala galego

...nunha foto en .pdf :AAAAAA:

Vouno converter nun .epub para compartir 😊

I decided to do a #blog related to this, talking about #Antennapod, a FOSS #podcasting app that I really like, as well as some shows I listen to.

Day 13 of #100DaystoOffload

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Preso atto che Facebook ha cannibalizzato la trasmissione di news online, il governo australiano ha deciso che il social network dovrebbe retribuire gli account che generano maggior traffico. Per risposta Facebook sta impedendo a tutti gli account australiani di leggere, postare o condividere news

People insinuating that Facebook should somehow be a guaranteed provider of critical emergency information for governments around the world have ditched all reasonable expectations of what a single private social media website is about. Facebook is not the Web, boomers. You sound like people who think the Internet Explorer icon is literally The Internet™.

gente gente acolham @loumodesto refugiada do twitter a essa casa de amor mastodôntico 💚

☀️ veño de pasear 🚶 despois do xantar. Hoxe fun escoitando :catMusic:música do Berska e podo dicir que fun moito máis rápido!! 🤔

Igual tamén foi porque xa non noto o cansazo que tiña na finde 😅 🤷

Friendly reminder that this instance is open for registration! 🌱🌼

If you're looking for a chill place to talk about FOSS, tech, politics, small tech, art, creativity and whatnot you can hit me up.

Boosts are ok!

"My patients derive little pleasure from these activities yet are unable to stop. Everything else in their life has gone gray. They're in a dopamine deficit state, and they’ve lost the ability to choose not to use."


from today's . It was sunny and warm (about 20ºC), gentle breeze too.

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#pixelfed folks again: On, seems every kind of interaction I try (apps, web app) ends up in a 429 Too Many Requests. Just my account broken? Anyone else seeing this effect?

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