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In total, 30 people out of 18 million vaccinated by 24 March had these clots. Seven died.

I was waiting to read (find) this info

since UK is one of the bigger "markets" for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

It also shows data compare to Pzifer's vaccine AND historical "rare" clots in general population

However, there remains uncertainty around how common these clots normally are. Estimates range from two cases per million people every year to nearly 16 in every million in normal times...

They (clots cases) are so rare than scientists don't actually know how prevalent is in normal conditions (as read in the article).

If 2.5 million 60-year-old people caught coronavirus then around 50,000 would die. If they were all 40-year-olds then around 2,500 would die

Even if the vaccine was the cause, and this is still not proven, the numbers suggest around one death in every 2.5 million people vaccinated.

Ola @durru

vas facer un xunto a retransmisión do viacrucis en Roma, en plan

en esta bancada que vemos, na terceira fila, Livia Metela dió su primer beso a Quinto Aureliano, en un gesto político que no pasó desapercibio a ojos atentos.

they had indeed a main role in the show, as in the Dance Line

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💃 🕺

don't ask how/why but I've ended watching an old TOTP video on yt and eventually my attention went to backline dancers (not unsual). They did not abuse of showing them as much as they SHOULD 😍

Soul Train in the other hand knew perfectly well how good was the boyz and girlz they chose for the show.

🤣 didn't I tell you about my blood data two days after a ? It ain't funny at all though, I had to repeat it few weeks later to discard damage.

So I expect a new episode about liver too :blobCatPopcorn:

Run to the Top | The Ultimate Guide to Running: What All Runners With Kidneys Need to Hear: Dr Sherry Mansour and Dr F Perry Wilson

How many marathon runners have acute kidney damage after they cross the finish line? According to a Yale University study, the answer is a shocking 55%. So if you’ve ever run a marathon, the odds are slightly better than 50% that this has happened to you. 

O burro Míchel e unha ducia de cabras cooperan na limpeza do monte en


🇬🇧 Local community takes care of their forest with and help.

O burro Míchel é a última fichaxe dun grupo de voluntarias e voluntarios empeñados en darlle valor ao monte de . Provistos de fouces fixeron a primeira roza en Campo Maneiro anos atrás. Había que empezar a darlle valor ao ...

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Starting to run after 50: three tips for success

All sports and fitness professionals agree that it is never too late to start exercising, whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old.

Although the type of physical exercise will always depend on the person's tastes, the ideal would be to have space for b

#Health&Fitness #aerobic #exercise #Fitness #Physicalexercise #running #strength #training

@Edgecontrol disculpa si este asunto te resulta totalmente ajeno 😉 , puedes obviarme 😅

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Hola @Edgecontrol 🇧🇪

este domingo hay una carrera 🚴 ahí por que es un evento social en tu país.
Quisiera preguntarte si van a imponer limitaciones de asistencia al público en general, controlando el acceso a los bergs más famosos, etc.

Viendo como están los parques de Bruselas... (que si, que Flandes son vacas y campa 😅 )

Webinar with the European Commission and AP Community

entérome en

de que a Comisión Europea ten interese neste asunto da e de servizos 👏

Telegram #rant 

qué pensarías si alguien del fediverso se dedica a publicitar su cuenta en twitter? Pues eso.

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Telegram #rant 

como se pode ver, tras un día un pouco jodido, xa son persoa outra vez :blobCool:

Non estou cabreado/enfadado 😉 , só molesto, porque o spam do email teñoo controlado a nivéis prácticamente inexistentes pero que persoas que sigo de xeito consciente me fagan spam... uff.

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Telegram #rant 

pediría, si fuere o fuese posible, evitar hacer spam de vuestro grupo o canal de telegram. Gracias.

Entiendo que se utilice, al igual que muchas seguís siendo usadas por FB, pero acontece que el spam me resulta molesto. Lo llamo spam de forma consciente, igual que el correo publicitario no deseado.

Digo que lo entiendo, y una vez vale, pero insistir molesta.

Lo pongo en castellano porque sois fundamentalmente personas que utilizais este idioma

#baking #sourdough #fermento #brioche
1/2 taza de fermento
1 taza de leite enteiro
2 tazas de fariña de forza
2 ovos de pitas contentas
Sal e un chopo de mel
60g aprox de manteiga+fariña para facer migas a manteiga
Amasar un pouco, deixar levedar toda a noite (aprox 10 horas), facer bolos e forno moderado

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