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Experiment of the day: I stabed a knife in my heel.
Observation: It is just bleeding, no positive effect can be noticed.
Result: I won't do it again. All in all it was not as impressive as expected.

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yall out here celebrating just Pride while im busy queering the other 6 sins

Hey there. Is there any reason that some are not available in like or ? If I use the website (toot.site) I have no problems so see them.

Habe meinen Blogbeitrag zu fertig. Hoffentlich erreiche ich ein paar Menschen damit. cyberiade.de/?p=661

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*Me sitting on a toilet in a public restroom*
*Guy bursts in*
> We've updated our privacy policy!

I 'll try to get more of my friends to mastodon. Seems like a friendly community.

I will toot for the first time: Tröt!


Just a general instance with a catchy name. We're running glitch-soc!